The Cabinet Part 1 – David Cameron

In a series of posts I’m hoping to produce a brief overview of vox pop on all the current Cabinet members, one by one. I’ll be using the omniscient Google Instant for ad hoc surveys of popular sentiment, backed up by a sample of news articles from across the political gamut. It seems only sensible to start at the top with the PM himself:

David Cameron– Prime Minister

Cameron at the world economic forum annual meeting Davos 2010

Top Results for Google search:

  • David Cameron is a lizard
  • David Cameron is a liar
  • David Cameron is a knob
  • David Cameron is a freemason

Apparently known to many as an evil venomous lizard bent on the destruction of all man-kind. I hasten to add these are perfectly sane, not David Icke, people; whether they happen to be lying about their conviction is not for me to judge. Being a politician accusations of dishonesty, knobbishness and cabal membership are to be expected. However Continue reading


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Things On My To Do List

People always have idiosyncratic aspirations, irrelevant little tasks they set themselves. Aside from getting a job or getting a life, this is what I’d like to do:

  1. Barcode Scan a Zebra – always wondered whether this could work.
  2. Use Lego instead of wallpaper – I would expect Lego to trap large quite a bit of air, making it ideal for use as insulation indoors. Oh, and it would also be pretty great, to have a wall made of Lego! Might even add Lego shelving.
  3. Create a seagull powered flying contraption – Maybe a hot air balloon tethered to a flock of hungry gulls, steered using a baited fishing rod. Or instead of the hot air balloon just a deck chair and a lot of seagulls, lawn chair larry style. Continue reading


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